Web-based freight management

E-Sol: EveryPoint's Web Based Freight Management System

E-Sol is an automated web-based freight management system designed to save you time and money by reducing your ordering and administrative procedures for both your warehousing and distribution network activities.  EveryPoint Logistics Solutions works with professionals specifically selected to suit your unique distribution needs. Merging these two strengths in our user-friendly, high-tech system, allows your shipments to be managed efficiently from point of origin to destination.

How does E-Sol work?

  1. You simply key-in your orders via an Internet browser in our system’s drop-down menus, programmed to display both your inventory and your locations;(alternatively, we receive EDI or XML via FTP eliminating input errors)
  2. E-mail notifications indicating your shipment status are forwarded by E-Sol to the person having placed your order.
  3. Log onto www.epls.ca to retrieve your proof of deliveries anytime you wish.

Benefits of using E-Sol

  • 128bit Security
  • Customized database of all contacts and products
  • Online ordering using your web browser, requiring no special programs or configurations
  • EDI and XML file inputs to eliminate errors
  • Rate quote feature indicating carrier choice based on cost
  • Batch invoicing, freight rate auditing, business intelligent reporting
  • Uploading and downloading shipping documents, including client invoices
  • Automatic email notifications of order status
  • Automated invoicing detailing individual SKUs shipped and/or warehoused
  • All documents digitalized and securely available anywhere in the world
  • Inventory control at your fingertips
  • Instant availability of past order details
  • Password controls

Choose EveryPoint Logistics' E-Sol as your warehousing and distribution solution and see how we can help you expand your business today. Whether you are a global corporation seeking distribution in North America, or a small manufacturer looking for warehousing across town, let the professionals at EveryPoint Logistics do the job for you, the right way.



Welcome to E-Sol, your online solution for all warehousing and distribution needs.
Log in and connect to your personalized database to manage your freight, obtain inventory and cost reports,
view shipping documentation and more.

It's a wonder our team didn't call this new IT system "Mom". It does it all! Amazing, yet so user-friendly!

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