Our customers tell us that they keep coming back to us because we stick to our promise to keep them in the loop and to always remain responsive and straightforward. But read on, they say it even better than we do.

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  • Land

    Road and rail freight shipping services across North America.

  • Air

    For time-sensitive, time-defined, high-value goods shipments.

  • Sea

    For shipments that allow flexible delivery schedules.

  • E-Sol

    Automated web-based freight management system

EveryPoint. Within reach.

EveryPoint can manage your entire freight logistics needs: from a single shipment, all the way up to creating a comprehensive, custom-configured logistics solution.


EveryPoint Logistics Solutions provides expert services in supply chain logistics and transportation.

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At EveryPoint, every client is assigned a single point of contact — a dedicated Logistics Specialist to answer all shipping requests.


Work for a company that always nurtures an environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

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Welcome to E-Sol, your online solution for all warehousing and distribution needs.
Log in and connect to your personalized database to manage your freight, obtain inventory and cost reports,
view shipping documentation and more.

It's a wonder our team didn't call this new IT system "Mom". It does it all! Amazing, yet so user-friendly!

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